We at M M Huzeifa offer you an extensive range of products with precise, ready-to-install bearings that are easy to maintain for nearly all types of machines along the process chain in the textile industry. These include :

  • Radial insert ball bearings and housing units, Deep Groove Ball Bearings that are easy to assemble for machines in spinning preparation
  • Shock-resistant yoke and stud type track rollers in the gearboxes of weaving machines
  • Full complement needle roller bearings with optimized operating clearance in the swivel type operation of knitting and weaving machines
  • Narrow, load-bearing needle roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings in dobby looms
  • Eccentric bearing units that are easy to assemble and are lubricated for life in embroidery machines
  • Linear guidance systems in embroidery machines, handling machines, textile printing machines and many other textile machines

Machine Tools

Roller Bearings

Wherever state of the art machine tools carry out milling, drilling, turning, grinding or forming processes and where tools are positioned with razor-sharp accuracy, a vital contribution in terms of prompt deliveries, precise quality and stable pricing is made by M M Huzeifa due to a prolong experience in the field of Machine Tools.

  • Precision Gamet Taper roller bearings for Grinding Machines, Milling machines and Turning Machines
  • Linear re-circulating roller guidance system by INA for Grinding machines.
  • Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings in NN30, NNU49 and Axial Angular contact ball bearings in 2344 series for Milling machines and drilling machines
  • Precision Angular contact or Spindle Bearings of 70,72, 79 series and BSB series with 15°, 20°, 25° and 60° contact angle in tolerance class P5, P4, P3 for Milling machines, drilling machine, turning machine and grinding machines
  • Ground Ballscrew, Rolled Ballscrew & Miniature Ballscrew, Ball screw support units, Precision locknuts & couplings are proprietory components of grinding, milling and turning machines

Steel Industry

In the steel industry, bearings can be found in a vast range of plant and equipment that is used in both upstream and downstream processes: from the storage yard for raw materials to the steelmaking, rolling and refining processes. All kinds of bearings are used in this plant and equipment. All kinds of bearings are used in this plant and equipment.

The operational environment for bearings in steel industry is unique to steelmaking, comprising steel dust, water and heat. In addition, the bearings may have to cope with heavy loads and vibration shock, operational speeds ranging from extremely slow through to high, coupled with rapid acceleration and deceleration. This makes for a demanding operational environment that is not found in other applications.

At M M Huzeifa we understand the importance of stable operation of equipment under the toughest conditions.

  • High-performance SN Series plummer blocks are highly rigid and easy to handle. They contain tough spherical roller bearings, which have high load capacity, low temperature rise and high-strength cages.
  • Full-complement cylindrical roller bearings for crane sheaves that are equipped with tight seals intended to prevent intrusion of foreign matter.

Cement Industry

Cement producers around the world depend on continuous operations and minimum maintenance times. Breakdown means loss of production and lost output and lower profit.

M M Huzeifa has developed the potential by experience to service the cement industry in all the major area of operations Spherical Roller Bearings, Taper Roller Bearings, Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Heavy-duty Track Rollers are used in the following areas of operations

  • Jaw crusher
  • for Kilns,
  • High Efficiency Separators,
  • Feeders,
  • Elevators,
  • Conveyors,
  • Air Slides & Air Lifts

Paper Industry

Modern and large paper machinery has numerous rolling bearings of all types and sizes. To avoid expensive downtimes, the highest degree of operational reliability is demanded of all the bearings.

Particular attention should be given to easy mounting, for which special requirements are placed depending on type and section of the paper machine. In the wire section, the elimination of corrosion is of prime consideration, while the bearings in the dryer section have to withstand high temperatures.

We at M M Huzeifa maintain a sizeable quantity of Spherical Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing , Pillow Blocks, Plummer Blocks and Adaptor Sleeves particularly required in Paper Industry in the following area

  • In wire section and dryer section
  • couch roll, guide rolls, center press rolls, driven rolls
  • In refiners, pressure screens and drum filters

Application in Gearboxes

Gearboxes are used in a very wide range of industrial fields. Thanks to the use of gearboxes, a small rotation force (torque) can be used to produce a much greater rotation force, and a slow rate of revolution can be speeded up. In many industries, the gearbox, which is the equipment that transmits mechanical power, is an essential piece of equipment.

However, because there are many instances where the breakdown of a gearbox would have serious implications, extremely high reliability is demanded. Naturally, bearings that offer long life to reduce equipment maintenance costs, can handle high load capacities, and are extremely reliable are first choice of gear manufacturers. Large gears are usually fitted with roller bearings (spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings) due to their higher load carrying capacity. Thrust bearings, e.g. spherical roller thrust bearings and cylindrical roller thrust bearings, are used to accommodate high axial loads. Ball Bearings and needle roller bearings are the bearings of choice in light gears. All these bearings are available with M M Huzeifa of the shelf considering the seriousness of its application

Areas of Mounting:

  • Industrial Gears
  • Rolling Mill Gears
  • Extruder Gear Box
  • Bevel Gear Box

Pumps & Compressors

Pumps are used in all kinds of industries around the world:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Papermaking
  • Irrigation
  • Foods

Compressors are used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Factory equipment
  • Air supply equipment for civil engineering and construction projects
  • Home and office air conditioning
  • Refrigerators and cold storage warehouses

This demonstrates just how essential pumps and compressors are to industry. M M Huzeifa supplies bearings that support the most important mechanism of these pumps and compressors, that of “rotation.” In this way, the company lends support to every field of industry.

Relatively high radial and thrust forces act on the pump bearing arrangements. The locating bearing - floating bearing arrangement is the most common. Deep groove ball bearings, Single-row angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings arranged in X, O, or tandem arrangement, cylindrical roller bearings, radial spherical roller bearings, and spherical roller thrust bearings are generally used. Cylindrical roller bearings, double-row angular contact ball bearings or four-point bearings are suitable for the bearing arrangement of conveyor screws in spiral pumps.

A narrow guidance in rolling bearing arrangements is required to keep the gap losses in compressors as small as possible. Particular attention must be paid to the speed suitability of the bearings as some compressors operate at a very high speed. Four-point bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings are mainly used.

Electric Motors

Electric motors are used as the source of motive power throughout many industries.

Deep Groove Ball bearings are widely used in the revolving parts of motors. As well as enabling smooth and quiet rotation, they also perform an important function by taking on the motor's load.

As the conservation of the environment rises in the global agenda, electricity is becoming more popular as a source of motive power, and customers have an increasing need for motors with low energy consumption. Understanding the importance of such demands, M M Huzeifa delivers highly functional bearings for longer operational life, as a means of achieving even higher reliability.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Deep Groove Ball Bearings are extensively used in Electric Motors.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Within pharma sector there are two types of industry working interdependently; One the pharmaceutical industry which develops, produces, and markets drugs licensed for use as medications and two pharmaceutical industry involved in manufacturing medical equipment using latest engineering technology for accurate diagnosis of health related issues and to provide for remedies in various area of health care.

Miniature bearings for dental care equipments, Stainless steel bearings, Deep groove Ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings for maintenance of pharmaceutical machineries

Engineering Industries

With an experience of 4 decades in the field of ball bearings M M Huzeifa has penetration in most of the small, medium and large scale organisations involved in design and production of machineries and goods ranging from capital goods to consumer products such as textile machinery manufacturers, testing equipment manufacturers, foundry, printing and packaging industries, tea machinery manufacturers, wind energy, agricultural equipment manufacturers, quarry equipment and various other areas of engineering activity in the field of day to day maintenance of machineries installed in such organizations and also to cater to their production requirement to job work and production applications. Mostly Deep groove ball bearings, self aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing, taper roller bearings, needle roller bearings are the types most frequently used by engineering industries.

Automotive Sector

Automotive sector is a major consumer of bearings for its various categories such as motor vehicles, auto spares, auto ancillary industries, auto after market industry. Most of the major bearing manufacturer throughout the world design their products keeping in mind the potential and consumption pattern of automotive industry. Mainly taper roller bearings, deep grove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearing and needle roller bearing are used in axle assembly, transmission, steering assembly, wheel assembly and crank shaft. Keeping in view the growing needs of automotive industry; we at M M Huzeifa maintain sufficient stocks of bearings required by automotive and its ancillary sectors for service to after market as well as OEM’s consumption.