FAQ On Ballscrew

Q. What is the difference between Rolled and Ground Ballscrew

The Process of Manufacturing of a Ground Ballscrew is through abrasion where a hard abrasive cutter carves few threads at a time whereas Rolled Ballscrews are manufactured when the blank metal is pushed back and forth using rotating tool dies which shapes the threads of the screw.

Q. What is Precision Ballscrew

Precision Ballscrew manufactured using patented Precision Screw Forming Technology by Germany based Bosch Rexroth Group. Screw Shafts produced through this method provides an accuracy of 23 microns/300 mm (T5-Tolerance Grade) as Standard and a still better accuracy of 12 microns/300 mm (T3-Tolerance Grade) on special request

Q. Do you stock all types of Ballscrew Assemblies*

YES, due to our wide spectrum of customer base from various industrial segments, we try to maintain the common sizes in all types of Ballscrews

Q. Do you give one on one replacement of Ballscrew Assemblies

YES, Our global contact of several Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers and alliances made with local suppliers and experts, we are able to fulfill needs in accordance to customers requirements.

Q. Can you supply substitute or Interchange of scarce and exceptional Ballscrews

YES , we can supply all kinds of exceptional Ballscrews and suggest economic substitute for various application

Q. Can you supply Ballscrews in longer lengths

YES. We can supply upto 7 mtrs. (7000mm)

Q. What is the lead time for delivery of Ballscrew Assemblies

Regular sizes are available ex-stock and Ballscrews with non-standard pitch at minimum possible lead time.

Q. Do you have end-machining facility

YES, we do have in-house end machining facility and Ballscrews are end-machined in accordance with customer drawings.

Ballscrew Assemblies are a combination of Screw shaft with Ball Nuts of various types namely Single Nut, Double Nut, Cylindrical Nut, Nut with External Ball Circulation and with Internal Ball Circulation.