Linear Motion Guideways

Linear Motion Guideways

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Linear motion systems are used in combination with a cylindrical shaft to perform infinite straight motion. The balls in the loaded area of the nut are in point contact with the shaft. This allows straight motion with minimal friction resistance and achieves highly accurate and smooth motion despite the small permissible load. Linear motion systems are identified by prefix LM, LME, LMF, KB, ST

LM Guide with Rail

Ground Ball Screws are made through grinding process, on ground screws journal machining is performed prior to thread grinding which ensures precise concentricity with the ball thread.

Linear Motion Guideway
  • Zero backlash
  • Precision Accuracy from C0 to C7
  • Low Noise
  • Available in 9mtrs in single length
Cross Roller Guide

In Cross roller guide precision rollers are orthogonally aligned one after another in a roller cage that is combined with a dedicated rail having a raceway cut into a V-shape grove. When two units of the Cross Roller Guide are mounted in parallel, the guide system is capable of receiving loads in the four directions.

Linear Recirculating Roller Guidance Systems

Linear Recirculating Roller Guidance Systems comprise a bearing arrangement system for linear motion with unlimited stroke. Since the guidance elements have a versatile range of possible arrangements, linear recirculating roller guidance systems are suitable for numerous applications in general machine building.

Linear motion technology is a boon to modern machine building. Properties such as automation, accuracy, high-speed, space management, low maintenance, long life and cost saving factors has accelerated the demand for linear motion systems. Global manufacturers namely STAR REXROTH, THK, THOMSON, HIWIN, PMI, TSUBAKI, IKO, INA and several other competent brands such as LTM, ABBA, SAMICK, NB have dedicated team of experts involved in the research and further development in linear motion technology for an ultra-modern future.

Oilless Sintered and Plain Bushes

Oilless sintered and plain bushes are preferred in applications where limited motion is required and wherein use of any kind of rolling element would be an over correction. Oilless sintered and plain bushes have dry lubricant compressed into the base metal of copper alloy, bronze casting and cast iron. At the time of frictional motion, particles of solid lubricant form tiny lubricant membrane to the surface of moving part. Thus despite the oilless condition the bushes continue to provide smooth movement, reducing friction and virtually making the life of bushes maintenance free.